Reaction Plan & Tool Kit

Welcome to our community DevOps center, where we utilize 100% legal online strategies & open source tools (that means free) to help rescue children from the DHS/CPS system failing us all.

My name is Alex, I will be your digital guide as we navigate & respond to allegations of CPS corruption, abuse of power, harassment, discrimination & targeting. Together, we will connect the dots to identify the criminals committing crimes against children.

To achieve this, we will use modern technology, press releases, Caseworker name search that locates matching names within victim "Stories" to help corroborate claims, SEO with Google Approved Web Crawler "Bots" to connect crimes to sources, and we're testing a technique known as "Gamification," which has proven to be an effective strategy to engage one's audience. Get involved. Together, we are stronger.









Mission Debrief

CPS operates like a business similar to organized crime, wherein, certain individuals collaborate/collude (work together) to exploit/control a much large group of people (you).

CPS caseworkers and DHS management directly work with Government Officials to gain more Federal budget/funding per-child they "place" in a home. That means that they are financially motivated to remove children from parents/homes by greed, regardless of whether or not there is any evidence or if the child is in actual danger.

CPS gets paid to take children from parents whether it's the right thing to do or not. Furthermore, CPS/DHS provides very little support for parents & families, by design. If CPS were to actually help parents, they would have less cases, which means less money. So why would they help? Answer; they don't. If you even dare ask CPS for assistance, you run risk of being targeted by caseworkers.

Finally, the children removed from parents are often "placed" in dangerous situations. CPS Officials look the other way because everyone is getting paid. That's why you see children removed from good homes. They are getting paid for it.

Your mission will only take 1 minute per week by completing one simple task to help children in need.









Our Reaction Mission Plan is to Legally Empower the Community Suffering from possible illegal actions performed by CPS/DHS Caseworkers, Judges, and Government Officials who may be committing crimes against children.

Together, we are stronger. Criminals be warned, we are watching, we will see your crimes, and we will prosecute you in the court of public opinion.

Children First, Not Politics

We are not a political organization, however, we must engage our opponents in the political arena. Please check all political views at the door. We are here to save children, and if you commit crimes against children, we do not care what side of the aisle you are on, we will connect the dots.

We will accept any support from any political party who is interested in helping stop crimes against children. Our over all belief is that, "the enemy of my enemy is a friend," so if you want to help children, climb on board. Please keep your arms and feet inside the vehicle at all times, this may get bumpy.

No Violence or Discrimination

We do not encourage, incite, or condone violence or discrimination of any kind. We will not tolerate any violence, discrimination, hate speech, or threats towards any another person, including suspected criminal CPS/DHS Caseworkers, Judges, and Government Officials who may be guilty of crimes, in any way. We are above them (we reserve the right to threaten any business or entity with legal action(s) who participate or fund crimes against children, hence the word "person").

They are outmatched. We have the power of truth. We do not need to be violent to be heard. Together, we are stronger.

Our voices will be heard peacefully, and we will make a impact for that reason. We are different. No one solution that has come before us has worked. Now is the time to rise up peacefully, together, and protect our nations children, they are our Nation's future. This is a peaceful protest.

Tool Kit

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use the tools below to complete objectives thereafter when Operation Code Name is called. Together we are stronger.

Connect The Dots

CPS Caseworker, Judge & Official Name Search

Our new CPS Caseworker Name Search, located on Story Sidebar, is a great tool to help corroborate claims of repeat abuse of power. The Name Search feature is a basic business website tool that search the Stories on our site.

The stories are categorized under a main “Complaint” category, within 12 sub-categories such as Harassment, Intimidation, Rape, Abuse of Power, etc. These stories by themselves are not sufficient evidence to prove criminal intent, however, when taken as a whole, they do provide substantial circumstantial evidence if the crimes are repeated by an individual.


The same names are popping up on our screens, this Name Search may help you connect the dots to help prove there is something wrong or illegal happening. In addition, because our site is for “Entertainment” purposes only, we do not have time restrictions of filing, so older cold cases may be published, giving you an even stronger advantage when trying to prove a crime.

Ultimately, the “Complaints” stack and those with hard evidence can purse legal action on their own more easily.

Knowledge is power. Together, let’s get to know who at CPS/DHS is hurting our children. Upload your story with names to help build the search list out for everyone.

Your Story

Your Voice is The Most Powerful Tool There Is

Sharing your story is one of the most courageous and beneficial things you can do to help make a difference. Your stories will not be lost in the Social Media stream, and they will not go unnoticed. These stories help connect the dots by using the CPS Caseworker Name Search. 

Story Pages have the power to feature multiple images, court documents, external links citing sources, and other links to pages such as GoFundMe campaigns. We will not directly share crowdfunding campaigns, however, we will feature Stories that contain crowdfunding links to help further your cause if you choose to provide such links.

The Story Page is your space to let your voice be heard by sharing  your pain, joy, sadness, and the crimes that have been committed against you or your children. Updates may also be made to Stories at will within reason as new information comes to light.

Throughout my research, we have identified genuine fear of CPS and serious mental health issues such as trauma, depression, PTSD, and many other issues including dietary. That being said, we have created several Story categories such as “Poems” as well as two upload forms to help make it easier to share.

Our Full Story Upload is for individuals who can complete a description of events or situation with a beginning, middle, and end with evidence review of the Finding of Facts. The Shorty Story Upload is for those who just need to get it out, or would just simply like to write a poem or creative piece that expresses their feelings. We have options.

Evergreen Articles & The Debugger

How to Refresh Story Headlines & Images

The open source (free) tool known as the Facebook Debugger, is a Developer tool that give you the power to refresh  headlines and featured images before re-publishing.

Evergreen Articles remain relevant for an extended period of time with specially crafted URL structure for maximum Social Click Through Rates (SCTR), Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and repeat social profile posting with alternate titles as articles are updated or expanded upon over time. It is typical for Evergreen URLs to be short in length.

Explore Unseen Connections

Link Explorer Discovers Connections Between Sites

Link Explorer is a free “open source” tool that allows you to the ability to  search/find nearly any website “backlink” you want, in order to see who might be connected without you knowing it.

This helps to connect criminal actions with the organization, business, or individual sites that support/fund the crimes against children.

We use this tool to legally identify partnerships & funding sources supporting said crimes against children, and then legally seek to educate the parties that may know their money is funding crimes. That is all.

If that means we have to “Serve” criminals via “Public Publication” as a press release to CNN, NY Times, or USA Today, we’ll do that too.  


After the research is performed, we may decide to legally reach out to a select companies few companies who might not know what they are supporting and that their donations are financing illegal crimes against children.

We do this by compiling said public donor/supporter list and we legally link directly to contact pages, forms, or click to call, etc., making it ridiculously easy to get involved to make a BIG impact.

Methods include phones calls, emails, live videos, etc., depending on what data is uncovered by public investigation team. You must learn to find the connections if we ever want to defeat the beast funding crimes against children. 


The "Sizzle"

Be Loader with Video

Video is one of the most powerful tools available. Not only do they tell the story quickly, but they also get more views than photos & links that take you “away” from Facebook or social media, because of the algorithm.

It’s time for the Nation to unleash millions of videos that showcase the crimes committed against children by DHS, CPS, DFS, DHSS, Judges, Attorneys, and corrupt Officials. Let’s begin.

We are using Animoto for this. It’s one of the best cloud-based video editing tools available with user friendly “drag & drop” features, making it easy to make your video voice heard.

Using the video templates provided that have made “zoom in” features, you add image of injury/abuse with beginning date of abuse and end date/current CPS case to create Slide #1. For slide #2, we recommend court documents or other hard evidence. Slide #3, please use Judge, Caseworker, or child crime related Police names overlayed on another abuse image. Slide #4, bring more hard evidence to the table to prove accusation that were just made, again.  Slide #5, call to action using either Victim Name, Caseworker names (again), and State or local Officials that oversee the jurisdiction where the crime took place. THE END

We are looking for short impact videos approximately 20 to 30/seconds each. In the industry they are known as the “Sizzles” or “trailer” much like a movie.

Over years of fighting for our children and crying out for help, many of stories are quite lengthy. This will help tell your story quickly so more people will listen. Plus, it will reach more people just because it’s a video.


Then make a video, using CPS’s own words against them. If you call out every Judge or CPS caseworker with their own words, it may go viral.

Circumstantial Evidence

The Power of "Canonical" Link Articles

The power of the Canonical link is so great, in some cases, it can be immeasurable. Why? Let me explain.

When an article about CPS, Judges, or Officials is published on another news agency, we may have the ability to share the article on to, word for word, using what’s called a canonical link.

Normally, you would receive a duplicate content penalty for copy/paste exact content. With the canonical link, we do not get flagged for duplicate content.

How can the canonical link help you? If you have an articles that supports your claims, such as news articles about Kate Brown’s promise to make a difference for children, or the articles about her placing children in jails, we can share it.

When placed next to the right information, it can help build your case. In addition, they are very easy to copy/paste/publish, meaning we can do them quickly.

If you have a news article that supports your claims or may possibly be used as circumstantial evidence, to help paint the whole picture, we can share them for you to help you build your case.

Please submit article links within the Story Upload Form. Thank you.

Link Everything

The Power of "Short Links"

Linking evidence together is a crucial part of proving ones case, and when there is a substantial amount of proof, it can take more than one article, post, or campaign to delver all the information.  That’s where the short link comes in.

Short links need to be used a lot more. Here’s why.

  • Short links can be added to nearly every “Image” post, even mid sentence. We recommend that you put your short link towards the beginning of the post, right after 1st sentence with call to action.
  • Short links can be added to Live Video post text to drive more traffic to conversion point.
  • Short Links can be used to drive traffic to Event Pages or Groups that have long links. Simple image posts and/or memes with a short link in upper paragraph section can be very powerful.
  • Short Links can be created to Single Images or Posts that are made “Public” on Social Media sites such as Facebook.
  • You can track your efforts using Short Link tracking, even if you do not have a website.
  • They can be used to catch a predator. More in Ghost URL Tacking tool section.

Catch a Predator

Ghost Link Tracking /?Tool

This can help you track efforts, and may possibly help you catch a predator who may be stalking you. Let me explain.

Using a simple tracking URL technique with /?TrackingID  added to the end of your link can give you the ability to track website entry point, which can then be matched to an IP address.

EXAMPLE USED: /?IllinoisBacon

In fact, we just gained the IP addresses of several agencies in Illinois. We are not sharing them all, however, they are all a focused effort.

They cannot hide because they cannot help themselves. They search for their names and their victims, which helps us find them. It’s simple tracking, used against them.

We can even do highly targeted demographic ad targeting with dense geo-targeting of “Tactical Gear” ads for Police Station or “Golfing Special” ads for corrupt attorney office. If they commit crimes against children, we can and will find them.

That’s right Illinois criminals, I already have your IP addresses. Gotcha. Checkmate. You have been measured and found wanting. Together we are stronger. We Are Many. You Cannot Hide.

Power of Faith

Faith Can Move Mountains

We are not a religious group, however, many of our members “believe” in the God of their choosing in some way.

As a community, we feel it is important to communicate and learn from one another.

We also feel that the power of faith is real, if to have faith in nothing but the return of your child, or faith we can change the system, we believe faith is real. This power must be utilized.

Verse of the Week is an inspirational quote or verse that is directly sourced from within our community.

All beliefs are welcome.

May the God of choosing bless all good foster parents who protect children from real danger or despair by giving them a better tomorrow with love. Thank you.

For those who commit crimes against children, our first verse is for you.


Reaction plans are 100% legal strategies to engage ones opponent. We are publishing them publicly for all to see because together, we will rise above those who commit crimes against children.

Do Not Pass Go

Legally Influence Opponents Funding

What’s funny here is that, “they” have all already been doing this to each other for years, as they call relentlessly to gain campaign support and donations.

Raise your hand if you’ve ever received a campaign call? Everyone? Thought so.

That being said, politicians spend a substantial amount of time doing campaign fundraising. Ultimately, this means it will have a big impact if we can work together to make a difference.

The public submits public evidence online, and if claims can be substantiated, we will collect multiple pieces of said public information and organize it for you in what called a “Listicle” article.

These contain direct links to contact pages of vacuous business, organization, or individuals who commit or fund crimes against children, with a friendly call to action encouraging you to speak your mind peacefully with only one click.

That’s it. Simple. Easy. Fast. Effective. In less than one minute, you get to feel good for the rest of the day knowing you actually did something to help.


Face of Your Victims

Making Your Voice Heard

Attention ALL Politicians who look away while crimes against children are committed by CPS/DHS, Fighter Cries will legally optimize Donation Keywords & we will SEO the Faces of Your Victims to corresponding politicians/regions.

When people “Google” your name to donate, they will see the children you have ignored to snip your funding & those listed here may choose not to donate next year. Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200. Go Directly to Jail. Be advised, it has begun.

More instructions coming soon.

OPERATION CODE NAME: “Faces of Your Victims”

Together We Are Stronger

Once again, our Reaction plans are 100% legal strategies. We are publishing them publicly for all to see. More coming soon. Thank you.

Fighter Cries needs your support, please share and donate!