Please redact/remove names from all stories by using words such as Mother or Father or Abuser or Suspected Abuser or Victim or Child Victim or Parent or Guardian or Brother or Sister or Aunt or Uncle or Brother #1, #2, #3 or Foster Parent. PLEASE INCLUDE ALL PUBLIC EMPLOYEE NAMES (Caseworkers, Judges, Senators, etc.). Thank you.

How it Works

We publish your “Story” with Judge, CPS & .GOV names to connect the crimes being committed Nationwide. The “Story” protects you, the victim, from CPS & Police retaliation because we can publish anonymously. We also protect your “Story” from being labeled “Fake News” because headlines only state facts & stories are stories.

We then categorize them as “Complaints” to force the “Story” into a real complaint in the eyes of the public with over a dozen subcategories (abuse of power, discrimination, harassment, rape, assault, etc.). After that, we link evidence within said Story to others like it, backing it up with corroborating/circumstantial evidence

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